Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometime in the not too distant future...

Yes, sometime in the not too distant future, I will get these new tea party items listed in my shop! My babysitter is back from a missions trip and I think that with her help, listings will happen next week.

I was fortunate enough to happen upon a few gorgeous tea cups... and then at my favorite shop around the corner, I found the condensed milk jar. Putting them all together like this in a collage makes it look like an enchanted rose garden!

A few of the pieces are already on Etsy and on my main website, One has sold already, can you guess which one?

Hope your summer is in full swing and full of fun!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Walking in an Etsy Wonderland

Ever wish you could go shopping in an "Etsy-like" world?

Recently I discovered, I can.

Back in the spring we made the decision to end our booth at the antique mall where I had a space for 14 years. It was something I needed to do, yet it was difficult to say good bye to the friends and memories, not to mention the great spot we had right near the check-out counter!

Then the hubby and walked into an "Etsy-like" world in a warehouse style antique and handmade co-op in our local downtown area.

And the advertising even states "It's like Etsy LIVE." (I grabbed a piece from the co-op's website. I don't think they will mind the free advertising.)

It is called Building Character, and as you can see, their tag line is "Vintage, Recycled, and Handmade."

Really fun place. Loved the "vibe" and the creative, artistic feel. 

We really liked the co - op, the owner, and the spaces, but we were torn between finally having our weekends back and how cool it would be to join these dealers.

In the end we decided to put this on hold for now and weigh our options.
I'm actually scouting out all of the small downtown areas ... looking for open store fronts and other opportunities. I'd love to have my own brick and mortar shop.

But for now we can always go shopping here for inspiration!

Loved this table!

I'll be back with another inspiring town filled with inspiration...I'm taking my blog readers along on my journey as I figure out what I'm going to do this coming year.

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Office Makeover: Up Close and Personal

Last week I finally revealed the
results of my year long office
transformation project with the
"Where Bloggers Create" party.
What fun it was! I am amazed by all
of the beautiful and creative work
put out by so many bloggers!
And I mentioned that this
week I would show some
of the "up close and personal"
views of my office.
This time, no drum roll,
just a "Ta daaaaaa!"
Let's take a closer look,
shall we?
I have never regretted buying
this ribbon dispenser from
Ballard Designs.
It is so handy and it blends
in with my décor. Not that I had
any specific décor when I bought it
mind you, but now it goes really well!
Now when I am wrapping a gift
or adding special touches
to an order, I have several ribbon
choices, right at my finger tips.

These little Scottie dogs were not
purchased together... but their pairing
 is almost turning into a collection.
Isn't it three or more of something
... that makes it a collection?
So, I'm good.
So far.

This black and white print came
from my hubby's house
before we were married.
I painted this shelf just for the
office makeover... and found
this little baby dress to hang there.
What you can't see really well
is a pin cushion/tape measure
 I bought at a flea market when
I was a little girl. It is one of
those things I will never sell.

An array of vintage industrial
things displayed on a Victorian
glass vanity tray. I like how the
two looks can "hang out" together.

This is what is patiently waiting on
my desk to be listed next...
I think.
Summer seems to be the hardest
time of year for me to get new
items into the shop.
There is much to do with my
sweet Bebe.

This is my dress form ...
I found her in a booth in the
antique mall where we used to
have a space...

And then a couple of months
later I found another one
in the same booth! She was a
really good deal because she
was a little disjointed.

This antique tea chest
came from my hubby's house, again,
before we were married. I loved the
look of it and the fact that it is
from a Boston Tea Company!
How cool is that?
With my love for American
History this is really a neat
piece to have in my office.
It is filled with supplies
like printer paper, labels,
disks, printer ink, etc.

And here is a look at my
"Ladies in Waiting."
Waiting to be sold, that is!
Sweet and lovely vintage figurines
...complete with lace and florals.
What's not to love?
Hope you enjoyed my up
close and personal tour
through my office.
with Mrs. Olson ...
and linking with Pink Saturday
at How Sweet the Sound.
Before you go I wanted to
mention that my "CHRISTMAS
IN JULY SALE" is almost over...
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Enjoy the day!
Linking with Pink Saturday
at How Sweet the Sound.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Christmas in July Sale! Save 25% on EVERYTHING!

Going on this week...
My Christmas in July Sale!
Is there something you've admired or wanted from
my Bella Rosa Antiques shop and never purchased?

Now's your this link to save 25% on EVERYTHING,
not just on Christmas ornaments and goodies, but
in every single category in the shop!
(Update: Just adding a note about the great savings some of you
have discovered... I left everything marked down
this sale is on top of many 50% off reductions already in place!)
Sale ends this Friday,
July 18th at midnight!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create Linky Party 2014: The Office & Craft Space Reveal!

I cannot believe a year has gone by so quickly.

It was around this time last year that I made a promise to work on my studio/office/work space and have it ready for this year's "Where Bloggers Create" party.

Where Bloggers Create

Well, this is it! Today is the day! The big REVEAL!!!!! The moment I've been waiting for.  Now I'm not sure if you've all been waiting for it too, but I have worked on it one small chunk at a time.

Here is the before:

This shot and the one below are more recent
as you can see Bebe is an older child here.
But yep, last year at this time, my
office looked like this!

And here is the other side! Awful!
There are so many things
one accumulates when you sell
vintage. It is just part of the territory.

Here is a shot from a few years ago.
Look at this awful rug!!!
Can we say leftover from the dining room
of our first house?
Didn't know what else to put in there?
Take note of the green office
chair in the background.
You'll see it soon! It gets a makeover!

This is my favorite shot:
Even Bebe couldn't believe
how awful my space was,
look how she is grabbing the
back of her head!
I joke... but seriously I was a new Mom
and I was trying to start up a new shop
so the office was not a priority.
So, are you ready?
Here it comes...
Drum roll please....
Here it is!!!
My office makeover on a budget.
We live in the woods so the lighting
is not that great which is why
I went with white furniture.
Only one piece in the shop is brand new.
The rest is recycled vintage.
Can you pick it out?
It is the table with the glass doors.
From Target!

This is the piece that we picked up
at a local auction, then placed
my former 1990's computer desk hutch
 right on top after it was painted white.
 Just yesterday I painted the closet doors!
Nothing like last minute!
The "yard long" photo above is from
a yard sale then placed in a Goodwill frame.
I'm beginning to think those white
doors are like a blank canvas begging
to have something done to them.
Collage of black and white photos?
Stencil perhaps?
This is the chair my Mother found
while we were at Goodwill a few years ago.
It was a mahogany stained Bombay Co.
chair. Remember Bombay Co.?
I painted it and gave it a new seat cover.
The material I found at... where else?
There was enough fabric left over
to make a curtain valance too!

 I like to decorate with antiques
so most of the décor is for sale
in one of my shops... which means the
décor will change often. I happen to
like change so this is okay with me!
I'm thinking about hanging the
aqua tray but it is probably not staying
so why put a nail in the wall yet? 
Here is my desk!
If you recall in the before photo,
it is one of those Sauder brand
computer desks from the 1990's.
I hang onto things for a long time!
(The hubs is happy about this.)
I painted it white.
The hubs added a shelf where
the filing cabinet portion used to be.
The other filing cabinet was painted too.
And here is my chair!
It used to be green.
I used the same fabric
from Goodwill! I really got
my money's worth out of it!
When I first started re-decorating last fall,
my hubby bought this print for me
from HomeGoods. Wasn't that sweet?

I just love the black and white portraits
on the wall above my desk. They were in
a booth at the antique mall where we used
to have a space. They are perfect in here!
And I have to admit, I can't let these go either.
The "B" is for Bella and I will probably
be on the hunt for an R sometime in
the future. The B was purchased at Hobby
Lobby a few years ago. It used to be
gold, I decided to paint it black.

These two shelves are ever changing.
Below them is this shelf
which has a few themes.
Industrial on the lower portion
and the top shelf is currently
"summer at the beach" with
souvenirs from Atlantic City
and antique magazine prints.
I have not yet let these go into
my shop. I just love them!

There are so many more details I
could talk about... but I'll save
them for another post next week.
I'm super excited and so happy
we finally finished!

Now really quick I wanted to
give you a sneak peek into
another space I am working on.
It is located in our master bedroom,
believe it or not. It was originally
intended for the former owner
to sit and sew here...

the cut out in the formica is
still there for a sewing machine.
I thought it was perfect for a
crafty corner and covered it up!

So now this is where Bebe

 and I work on crafty projects together.

I found the above cabinet at

a garage sale for 5 bucks!

Love how I can put all of my

scrapbooking stuff, glitter,

doodad containers, etc in there!

There just wasn't enough room
in my office/work space
to fit both.
And I'm proud to say I am linking
Create linky party at My Desert
Cottage which starts Saturday,
July 12th!
Also with Pink Saturday
at How Sweet the Sound, 
at Coastal Charm,
with Ivy and Elephants.
Thanks so much for taking the time
to check out my new spaces!
I can't wait to see all of the other
offices, studios, and craft rooms...
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 4th of July Boat Parade: The Crafty Details

My blog followers will know that we
purchased a lake house a couple
of years ago. This is our third
summer there.
The first year we were painting
walls and remodeling when we saw
 this funny parade of boats go by.
We were like "what was THAT?"
We soon discovered it was the
annual boat parade for this lake.
The very next summer, we were
participating in it.

Last year, we won 3rd place.
The theme was the Roaring 20's.
We didn't have an idea,
we were just dressed in
red,white, and blue vintage
style clothes.
Now you know it was "game on"
this year and we wanted to win.
We even had my step daughter and
her husband excited about joining in.
This was the night before the parade.
The theme: "I Love NY"

We came up with the yellow checkered
cab with a NY cityscape behind it...
with a "3-D" type of effect. The
windows of the cab were positioned
where the boat seats were located 
so we could wave like we
 were riding in a yellow taxi!

The cityscape turned out
awesome... without my
step-daughter's artistic talent
it may have turned out like
the leaning towers of Pisa.

And what is that canoe doing behind us?
As an added bonus we pulled my step daughter
who was dressed up like Lady Liberty.

The crown: painted cardboard.
The gown: a gray sheet we pulled
out of the closet at the last minute.
The torch: A painted tiki torch
And she held that torch up the whole parade.

Here you can see the cityscape
a little bit better...
and the Hubs with Bebe and
my son in law.
There are other details we worked
on that aren't as noticeable.

Like the foam taxi sign my hubby
created from packaging materials.
He was so proud!
It was a VERY windy day
so we needed the metal bar
across the boat to reinforce
the cardboard cab and cityscape.

A few days earlier I had painted
the "I LOVE NY" logo onto
the front and back of this $2
yard sale American Tourister.


I do believe she is the prettiest
Statue of Liberty
I have ever seen in a canoe!
(And bravest... they wanted me to do it
and because of the wind I said "NO WAY!")

Talk about fun...
and we won FIRST PLACE!

The prize?
This odd set of men's hats
and a beer bottle
filled with patriotic décor.
They've been passing it
around since 1994!
There is a plaque
we get to engrave
our names onto.
We get to keep the mug and
I LOVE NY buttons.
We'll always remember
this day whenever we
use the mug!
PLUS we get to judge next year...
and then we'll be back for
more tough competition
laughs and memories!
with Mrs. Olson
and Coastal Charm's


Monday, July 7, 2014

Scenes from the Lake (And Vintage Too!)

Another fourth of July up at the lake...
Not only did we bring home vintage goodies, 
we brought home great memories too.
I took a ton of pictures!
Not being sure where to begin,
I am showing some of my
favorite scenes and highlights:

We let nature be our décor.

We fished and played in the water.
We barbecued.
We went hunting for vintage.
(The crazy rummage sale again,
just look at the line to get in!)

We found some oldies but
 goodies, lots of fun stuff!
(More peeks later in the week)

We hiked up a mountain...
and discovered the view was worth it.

We were also in our local lake
boat parade.... and WON!
(More on that later)
You can be sure I need a
vacation from our vacation
but I will be back to share
my latest finds with you.
Hope you enjoyed your 4th...
drop me a line and let me know 
what you were up to, too!
Linking with Coastal Charm.