Monday, April 14, 2014

Using Vintage for Your Easter Celebration

Here's what's "springing" up for Easter
Set out toothpicks for your dinner guests
in this very spring like holder.
Send these colorful antique postcards to family
and friends or have them grace the front
of a new card you created yourself!

These little chickies are soooooo cute.
A must have for your Easter table!

Beautiful muted colors and soft pastels...
What I love about vintage postcards like these!
Scan them into your computer to make
a banner or other decoration!
I like to put them in Easter baskets.

And what is spring without a hungry
little bunny like Peter Rabbit?

The artwork is amazing in this book.
Ruth E Newton's signature is on
each and every printed illustration.
Great to frame for a child's room or baby's
vintage themed nursery.
And speaking of signatures... this antique Easter
postcard was done by the artist, John Winsch,
a favorite among collectors.
While we are promoting antique postcards, we cannot
let the chickens go without a mention!
Who is up for an Egg Hunt this weekend?
Thank you for stopping by to check out
our vintage Easter goodies .... like the ones
shown here or you may check out the
rest in the holiday category, by clicking here...
available now on Bella Rosa Antiques!
If you are interested, contact me and mention
that you saw my vintage Easter post
and I will give you 25 percent off
from now until Easter.
Have a blessed week!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The History Behind Half Dolls and Their Lower Half, the Pin Cushion

This week my favorite out of the
new arrivals has to be this
antique half doll pin cushion.
Pretty and feminine,
perfectly worn and shabby.
But, what's the deal with
these half dolls? Where did
they come from? How did they
get their start? 

I did a little research and found out
Porcelain half dolls reached the height of their popularity between 1900 and 1930. The majority of these dolls were made in Germany, with some being produced in Italy, England, France, America and Japan. The earliest half dolls were similar in appearance to 18th-century Meissen dolls with finely sculpted limbs and features. These early half dolls were expensive and considered an extravagant possession. In the 1920s, the dolls became more modern in appearance, displaying bobs and flapper attire. These later models did not possess the same quality of design, being mass produced and poorly glazed.
Half dolls were employed in a wide variety of uses in early 20th-century households. Most commonly, the dolls functioned as pincushions, whisk brooms, bottle stoppers, lamp shades and powder puffs, with the aforementioned objects attached in lieu of legs or a skirt. Other half dolls sported wide, flowing skirts that could cover teapots, toiletries or other objects. Because half dolls were often sculpted without clothing, they also served as useful models for young ladies learning to sew.

I love reading about vintage things...
where they were used...
and why.
Enjoy the weekend!
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Arrivals: A Little Bit of France, A Whole Lot of Vintage Fun

Look what I found for you this week!
Goodies like:
Vintage Bottles in Aqua Colored Glass
Antique Half Doll Pin Cushion
Josef Originals Figurine
Souvenirs from Paris & DC
Antique 1 Cent Postcards... For 1 Cent!
Vintage Sewing Notions
and more!

and there's more vintage fun here:

A little bit of France, a Whole Lot of Fun!

Antique photo albums, with photos
Antique silk ribbon
La Belle France Coffee Table Book
Royal Wedding Postcard (Day they were married)
Chatelaine Mechanical Pencil
Stop by, here, even if you just window shop!
Enjoy your day, your weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Look What We Stumbled Upon! (And a Sneak Peek at My Latest Finds)

Yesterday we made a very last minute decision to take a "one tank trip" to see my Father. He is heading back to New England where he lives and it is not easy for me to get away to visit him up there, so we all got in the car and headed to Southern New Jersey for the day.

Southern New Jersey, which is hardly ever mentioned, unless someone is talking about Cape May, Atlantic City, or other shore points, holds a few little gems.

We found a charming little village along the Maurice River...

It was once inhabited by sea captains and their families in the 1800's.

Lots of picturesque Victorian homes with plenty of gingerbread trim.

Look at this purple beauty against the vivid blue sky. It was a really pretty
spring day ... and we were enjoying the sun.

And when we turned a corner, we bumped into this sweet little shop:

This is where we met the shop's owner. 
She was so kind and offered great buys.
Obviously by the name of her shop, the building used to be a stable
for horses... wouldn't it be great to see just a glimpse of how
this little area looked back in the day?'
And I found some treasures in her inventory...
Below is a sneak peek shot at what I will
be listing this week.
I found the chocolate pot, the mother and child figurine,
the pink pin cushion doll, and the Noritake mayo
there during our quick visit.
My favorite is the pink pin cushion.
But the figurine and the chocolate pot are close seconds!
The little angel is for an August birthday which
is my month... too adorable!
And who can resist those Josef Originals like the little
blue sweetie on the right?
There is much, much more in store,
won't you come back for a visit?
I'll be listing my new finds later on this week...
Enjoy your day and happy Monday!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Using Vintage to Decorate for a Luncheon

Music, dance, the arts, a success!
I was so happy with how the tables turned out
for a luncheon held at Bebe's school yesterday.
The staff had asked me to help and I was
eager to dig in to my vintage stash.
Now I must make a disclaimer here. Not everything turned out
to be vintage. Like the big metal and rust film camera.
This piece had actually been from my church's display
that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago.
This reproduction camera was a big hit and
someone at the luncheon actually wanted to buy it!
(Believe it or not, our Pastor found it at Marshall's)

Here are the centerpieces. Each table had a different theme.
Obviously here I am choosing the art of dance.
My Mother had given me the ballerina
statue many years ago... it was fun being
able to use it here for Bebe's school.
The small ballet shoe is from the
 "Just the Right Shoe" series.
I only collect the pink ones.

I focused on art and sculpture here even though
the boy statue is made of wood. (Available in my shop)
The framed print I think I will list next week as well.

Here I focused on story telling, authors, etc. All four of these books are by Dickens, which was perfect because the school musical this year is Oliver Twist and the students performed several scenes for the luncheon yesterday.
Really neat!

Can't forget the vintage pen!

Here I found a couple of great pieces to download from
the Graphics Fairy and I did an overlay with my printer.

And here I have a couple of antique poetry
books and a camera, highlighting photography.
Here is a wide shot of the room, before the chairs and
other art pieces (created by the students) were added.

And of course I had to grace the food table with something...
Prints from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC
 Impressionism, a favorite.
Well, there you have it! The luncheon turned
out to be a success...we were invited to join them.
The food was delicious, the students were amazing, they
all loved the décor, and Bebe had a great time too.
Thanks so much for sharing in with me
on my creative endeavors!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When it Rains, It Pours

Just popping in with an update on my week... in one word, busy.

In two words: Very Busy!

When it rains, it pours.

It is just one of those weeks where I have project after project and not enough time.

This week I am decorating for a luncheon, packing and shipping orders, sending out birthday gifts, scrapbooking, cleaning up my office (this will be last, I'm sure,) choir practice, taking care of Bebe, both of our dance classes, AND last, but not least, taking photos and researching some new ephemera we acquired.

It also just so happens that we bought some very old aqua glass bottles. Thinking I could somehow, find the time to combine the ephemera with the glass bottles.

But that would tip the scale of my sanity for the week, so I guess I will just focus on what is on my plate currently.

Since the theme of the luncheon is based on music and the arts, I decided to try the Graphics Fairy website to create framed sheet music and other designs. Lots of creative ideas I found!

Like this neat vintage sheet music fan:

Perfect! Let's just hope I can create one just like it or at least close to it. 

I'll be back with photos of my luncheon décor and I'd also like to share what we found this past weekend.

Stay tuned!
Enjoy your day.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought! (Okay, so it's just my new listings!)

But I 'm so excited about my latest finds.
I always am!
Vintage goodies...
antique gems!
Check them all out

Easter postcards with chickies and bunnies,
Vintage Garden Flowers book, Sterling Ring,
Unique Toothpick Holder, Paris Souvenir,
Vintage Jewelry, Opera Glasses and More!
Linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

and The Friday Flea!
While it is not quite a warm spring yet
here on the East Coast... I'm wishing
you all a wonderful weekend!
Enjoy your garden and the sunshine for us!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vintage Fiesta Display Spotted at the Mall & My LuRay Collection

Last week I went shopping at our local mall with Bebe.

And of course when little ones go out for the day, they have to use the facilities at some point in time.

When we got to the top of the escalator (because the bathrooms are never on the same floor,) I was greeted by this big, bright, and colorful Fiestaware display.

The first thing I thought of was how vintage it looked. It was very appealing too.

Makes me wonder how my own dinnerware collection,

 LuRay would have appealed to ladies back in the 1940's.
Bright, pastel and very pretty colors.
Debuting in the spring time.

With their own types of go-along glasses.

If only the prices were this cheap now!
Hope you enjoyed my little trip back in time.
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The theme  today is "Spring Has Sprung"
which is the perfect theme to share my LuRay collection with!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cool Vintage and a Link Up Party

I was working on my booth this past weekend.

Found some cool vintage pieces that I wanted to share with you.

Love the small drawers and cupboard effect.

And look at this .... a post office style bench and mail slots!

And check this out:  A new dealer moved in next to me. The word is out that our
antique mall is going to stay an antique mall, even though the rest of the
grounds will be for weddings and other venues.

Anyway, this dealer has a very different style that I really like! (She is super nice, too) And yep, that is her name on the sign.

While I only have a month left as a dealer there, I am enjoying the last few times I will be working in this particular antique mall.

What does the future hold? More antique shows or fleas? A shop?

I'd like to find a "Farm Chicks" type of show here in Pennsylvania, but I haven't found anything similar. There is a Memorial Day and a Labor Day flea that many of the local dealers participate in, but nothing similar to the feminine style found at the Farm Chicks events.

Maybe I should start my own?  A daunting task!

Uh, for now, I will  keep busy with my online shops.

Today I'm linking up with Blog Shop, at How Sweet the Sound.

Blog shoppers get 20% off by using this link, until Wednesday at midnight.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebrate Spring with a Pastel China Garden

Celebrating SPRING today with a garden of vintage china
in pinks, greens, lavender, and yellows.
These are all pieces found in my
Bella Rosa store ... and they have
not sold... yet!
(Why not celebrate spring with a 20% off vintage china sale?
 If you are interested, contact me and I will set up the sale price for you.)
Tonight we have a dinner outing but this weekend I plan
on finishing up my spring décor...
Seeing all of these flowers is actually giving me an idea for my mantel!
Spring china pieces mixed with my "little bunnies" collection.
And since Easter is a big reason to celebrate,
maybe I can find a vintage Bible to display
or a photo of an old church.
How about you? How do you celebrate spring?
Taking walks around the neighborhood?
Spring cleaning?
Flower shopping?
Whatever we do, I will do it with much joy!
We are thrilled that winter is behind us
here in the North East!
(Well, technically anyway. You never know
what the weather will bring!)
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